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Reseller/Dropshipper Program

Want to start your own store with the least hassle? Join our RESELLER/DROPSHIPPER program!

We can either ship the products to you (reseller) , or directly to your customers addressed from your store's name (dropshipper).

Why Us?

1) Resellers get lower rates.

2) For product assembling, we work with factories and workshops directly, meaning we can keep manufacturing the product for you.

3) Factories we work with have a production capacity of at least 200,000 pieces per month.

4) For raw materials, we work with OEM (original equipment manufacturing) factories, meaning they will keep manufacturing the raw materials.

5) A lot of our manufacturing is done overseas, to ensure premium quality.

6) All products sold to resellers come without any Click tags or branding. You may re-brand them if you want to.

7) Speedy customer service, real human admin team always ready to address your questions and concerns via Line @clickclutch, Whatsapp +6281383634346 or email


As our official reseller, you are entitled to:

- Price discounts
- Permission to use our HD photography/creative materials on your IG/website*
- Request to have products unbranded, re-brand them as your own
- You may resell them on any platform (online/boutique/brick and mortar store)

*If you would like to use our photography/creative materials, please use the form on the right and let us know the name and web address/Instagram username of your store so we will not report copyright infringement.

Rates are as follows:

Price Discount Rates

If all ordered items are shipped to one address, then they will receive the following discounts:

For dropshipment, we will send the items to your customers directly. The sender's name will be your store name, not ours. Items must be ordered and paid for in one go to qualify for these rates. 

Spend Rp1,200,000 (not including shipping cost) - Discount 5%  with code "RESELLER1" at checkout

Spend Rp3,000,000 (not including shipping cost) - Discount 10%  with code "RESELLER2" at checkout

Spend Rp 5,000,000 (not including shipping cost) - Discount 15% with code "RESELLER3" at checkout