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Welcome to CLICK CLUTCH  and CLICK LUXURY! We are Indonesia's first e-commerce specializing in fully-handmade minaudiere (fully-embellished evening clutches) and acrylic novelty clutches. Other than our in-house handbag line, we are also a trusted consignment and reseller platform for AUTHENTIC multi-brand luxury bags. You can navigate our site via the top navigation bar, and instructions on how to order here and contact information here. Enjoy your stay!

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Evening & Novelty Clutch / VOL 4: FUNOLOGY /

Each piece from our VOL 4: FUNOLOGY collection has a fun twist to it - ranging from a ring clasp instead of a regular one, dynamic, ever-changing colors instead of a flat color and furry, fluffy numbers!

Prices ranging from Rp395,000 to Rp 595,000.

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Evening & Novelty Clutch / VOL 3: JAR BAGS /

Jars ain't just for food! Our VOL 3: JAR BAG collection features fringes and a gold hardware bangle carrier, as well as a free detachable, length-adjustable chain. Can be styled to be your arm candy for brunch event, a trip to Bali or even a dressy evening party. Tiny but mighty; our jar bag is big enough to fit all your essentials!

Priced at Rp395,000 each for all colors.

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Evening Clutches / VOL 2: PURITY /

Immerse yourself into the beauty of neutral, bridal hues of our VOL 2: PURITY collection; crafted from a variety of beading candies but using exclusively only white, silver and gold tones, this collection is specially designed to go with almost any outfit. 

Price  ranges from Rp395,000-Rp495,000.

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Novelty Clutches / VOL 1: ACRYLIC AMUSEMENT /

Novelty clutches resembling common items we encounter everyday, manufactured into a conversation-sparking clutch.

Price ranging from Rp 345,000-Rp 395,000.

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Evening Clutches / VOL 1: PRINCESS /

Fully-embellished clutches that doubles as a jewelry piece, each design of these minaudiere pieces is inspired by a fairytale princess.

Price ranging from Rp 445,000-Rp 595,000.

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